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Individual programme for people with back pain.

2024 has been a busy year at Bomiso! I have been able to take on any new one-to-one students from my waitlist, but this summer I am opening two spaces for people who would like to work with me on a new eight-week programme - individual back therapy.
This is a completely new way of working with me. I have been running group Back Therapy classes for the last three years, and have had fantastic feedback. Many clients have loved
their results and have seen a huge improvement in their back pain. Many continue to take the class every time I release it as it helps them live pain-free and feel amazing.
You can read some of the feedback 

Who is it for?

This course is suitable for people who suffer from any kind of back pain, sciatica, neck painor shoulder pain. It can also be used if you want to correct your posture.

How does it work?

This is a one-to-one programme, which means you will have my full support on an individual basis. As well as attending one class in the studio each week, you will be expected to do two additional practices at home. I will record two new practices and send the videos to you each week. Practising yoga 3 times per week is essential for getting the results that the programme can deliver – therefore I will only accept clients who can fully commit to this!

I want everyone I work with to get the best results!
Over the 8 weeks, we will work on a range of yoga postures that address the root cause of back pain. I will tailor the classes to your specific body, taking account of your unique needs and addressing any areas where specific attention is needed. This ensures that you get the best results possible. The course will include:
● passive and active muscle traction
● muscle strengthening exercises
● hip and leg stretches
● joint mobility exercises
● exercises to improve your posture
● neck & shoulder stretches
● stress reduction exercise (relaxation techniques and meditation) as this is one of the main reasons for back pain.

As mentioned above, practice is crucial. I want to work with people who are ready to fully commit and I reserve the right to stop working with you if I see that you are not performing the home practices. Your results are really important to me so I only want to help people who are ready to do the work!

My experience with back pain

I know what it is like to have back pain, I experienced it myself after 3 pregnancies. I was
teaching yoga at the time and couldn’t understand why it wasn’t helping me! I knew I just
have been doing something wrong, so I decided to study yoga therapy so I could learn to help myself. After just two months of practice and study, my back pain was gone. I was delighted with such a quick and life-changing result! I am now a qualified yoga therapist and have helped many clients improve their symptoms. Yoga therapy is different from the other yoga I teach, it is tailored towards specific health conditions and is particularly effective for back pain.



The Details

This is not just a yoga programme focussed on physical exercises, it is a holistic approach
that will help you take care of yourself for better overall health and wellbeing. I believe I have
created a course that is rich in variety, where you will not only get relief from your back pain
but also feel healthier and more energised in all areas of your life.
It includes:
● My knowledge and coaching from 12 years of teaching yoga and 3 years as a yoga
● 2 x personalised recordings created for you each week
● 1 in-person class in my studio each week where I can help you perfect your posture
and assess your movements
● Full support throughout the week - I will be available to answer all your questions via
text message
● After the course is finished, you can keep the videos so you can continue your
practice and maintain your results.
● Access to a fully equipped yoga studio, including wall ropes for deeper, assisted
I love teaching yoga and helping feel better. My clients describe me as knowledgeable,
professional, reliable and fun!

I am offering a special price over the summer – instead of £640, you will only pay £480

for 8 week's programme.

From September onwards it will be full price


Before you book please contact us to choose the most suitable day and time.


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